Bitcoin Abhaya Yellow

Technology + Tradition

Bitcoin Abhaya Yellow Physical

Technology + Tradition

$1500 USD

Bitcoin Abhaya is a lady who loves all the gold that bitcoin can buy!

By telling stories you create a new narrative and new characters I created characters that reflect culture and technology and celebrate tradition while looking forward to the future.

Edition: 1/1
Channel: NFT BAZL
Material: White Wood Panel
Marketplace: Elitium

Amrita Sethi is an award-winning artist and the first NFT artist in the Middle East. Her Voice Note artworks exist at the intersection of art and technology, auditory and visual. The idea lead to her recognition and coverage with Forbes, CNN, BBC World news in addition to winning awards, being selected for Expo 2020 and creating live activations and installations in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. In 2021 she received the prestigious Golden Visa Residency in Dubai for her contribution to the Digital Art Market in the UAE.

Artwork Details:


Each piece is authenticated with a unique and custom-made hologram stamp.


Original print- Each image originally created by hand by the artist


Printed on an aluminium panel with the highest quality printers and ink. Framed in top quality word frames. Modern, contemporary and sleek look and feel. Comes ready to hang and admire.

Brushed Aluminium panel. Printed with the highest quality UV printers and UV ink. Mounted with a metal frame on the back to allow to hang straight away.


Whether it’s a special gift or a treat for yourself, the artwork comes in a uniquely designed bag with soft long black ribbon and a clear window that frames the art. Premium quality and special foiling making that little bit extra. Comes with a gift tag so you can gift it straight away, (even if it is for yourself!).