Crypto Sheikh Blue

Never shakes only HODLs

Crypto Sheikh Blue Digital

Never shakes only HODLs

$1650 USD

Crypto Sheikh has nerves of steel and faith in the future, he buys the dips and HODLs.

By telling stories you create a new narrative and new characters I created characters that reflect culture and technology and celebrate tradition while looking forward to the future.

Edition: 1/1
Channel: NFT BAZL
Marketplace: Elitium

Amrita Sethi is an award-winning artist and the first NFT artist in the Middle East. Her Voice Note artworks exist at the intersection of art and technology, auditory and visual. The idea lead to her recognition and coverage with Forbes, CNN, BBC World news in addition to winning awards, being selected for Expo 2020 and creating live activations and installations in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. In 2021 she received the prestigious Golden Visa Residency in Dubai for her contribution to the Digital Art Market in the UAE.