Meta Sheikh Purple

Better in the Meta
Did someone say meet you in the Metaverse? Meta Sheikh will be there waiting for you
  • Type Digital
  • Rarity Common
  • Asset NFT
  • Technology Digital Chip
  • Collection DIFC Mural
  • Sub Collection Characters

Meta Sheikh





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With every new story, there is a new narrative and new characters emerge to tell that story. This is one of the innovative characters that is telling the story of the Future of NFT’s in Dubai and further more the world.

"The World’s First Augmented reality NFT mural titled “Future NFT Dubai”

In Amrita’s signature style of Voice Note Art©️ she first says the phrase “Future NFT Dubai” and captures its fluid structure of the sound wave. She then paints each of the lines of the sound wave to match the meaning of the phrase- merging, art, sound and technology to create Voice note Art. Dubai is a city of the future but has a rich culture and tradition. Merging the two and then writing the new story with new characters of where NFT’s and the blockchain starts to paint a new story on Dubai’s skyline.

The design of “Future NFT Dubai” was then painted as a Mural.

The large mural spans over 20 metres long and 15 metres high.

Located at the DIFC Innovation Hub, Gate Avenue in Dubai, UAE. "


By telling stories you create a new narrative and new characters I created characters that reflect culture and technology and celebrate tradition while looking forward to the future.