This is the Future of Art Special Edition

This is the Future of Art
Making history by making the future
  • Type Physical
  • Rarity Special
  • Asset NFT
  • Experience AR
  • QrCode Embedded
  • Packaging Archival Box
  • Authentification Hologram Sticker
  • Signed By the Artist
  • Collection CBD
  • Sub Collection Limited Edition

This is the Future of Art

Special Edition




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Commissioned work

Not for Sale

Scan QR code
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artwork image

Edition 1 No. of Edition 1

"CBD Exhibition at DIFC

""This is the Future of Art"" is an artwork that is showcased at the CBD exhibition at the DIFC in Dubai, UAE in 2021- 2022. When you can scan the QR code you view the Augmented reality of the “Dubai” CBD 50 years Voice note art. This is to show case how we will be accessing art in the future is here today. 

CBD- Dynamic Portrait

VNA is all about telling dynamic stories through sound. When creating this artwork Amrita wanted to weave in key features of CBD into the sound wave in order to tell their story over the last 50 years in the UAE

From its history: with the iconic Diera Clocktower, integral to the logo and identity of CBD, to its landmarks; the Head office building, and to its future; through technology as CBD leads the way for innovation and “backs the ambition” and vision of the next generation.

CBD is actually 52 years old as it was established in 1969. Two years ago to mark this occasion His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum signed a special book- an image portrayed in the artwork, as well as coin that was created specifically for CBD.

If observed in detail the image of the number 50 has a +2 inside as a nod CBD’s real age of 52 years. The pops of the CBD colours adds depth and connection.

With NFT’s encompassing a pivotal role in technology that has changed the landscape of art, each physical limited edition artwork will come with its own digital twin NFT to make CBD the one of the first Bank’s in the UAE to have its own NFT.

By telling stories you create a new narrative and new characters I created characters that reflect culture and technology and celebrate tradition while looking forward to the future.


Artwork Details:


Each piece is authenticated with a unique and custom-made hologram stamp.


Original print- Each image originally created by hand by the artist


Printed on wood panel with the highest quality printers and ink. Modern, contemporary and sleek look and feel. Comes ready to hang and admire.

Trendy Bag:

Uniquely designed bag with soft long black ribbon and a clear window that frames the art. Premium quality and special foiling making that little bit extra. Comes with a gift tag so you can gift it straight away, (even if it is for yourself!).