Voice note Art - Customiz Option

  • $70.00

Have you visited the Louvre Abu Dhabi yet? Or may be Emirates Palace and the Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi? Admire the sights of Abu Dhabi's skyline and its sprit though the sound of the city 'Abu Dhabi'. (Recorded in Artist's voice)

Custom option: Bronze 


  1. Send a voice note with a name (yours or someone else whom you are gifting the item to)
  2. The shape of your voice note will be captured by the artist
  3. Choose from an existing Voice note Art from the collection for eg. Dubai
  4. The images of the chosen Voice note Art eg. Dubai will stay the same
  5. The artwork will be redesigned to new shape of your voice note with the elements of chosen Voice note Art to create a unique and customised art piece.
  6. All artwork will come personally signed and authenticated by the artist

Prices: USD 200

Terms: One modification allowed and any additional modification USD 100 per change

Customise: Please contact the artist at contact@artbyamrita.com if you would like to commission a bespoke artwork.

Expected delivery time would be 10-12 days as items are made exclusively for you.

Import Duty and Tax not included For US customers all orders under $800 is tax free. For UK and EU customers, you may be subject to additional VAT of around 20%. For all other customers, please refer to your own country specific laws. Item ships from the UAE.

Artist’s signature on image for watermarking purposes. Actual artwork the signature will be on the back.