Art by Amrita’s Voice note Art is going 3D! You are exclusively invited to Amrita's Virtual Live Exhibition where she will unveil her latest Voice Note Art (c), called “WTNFT?!”
 Date Friday 7th May 2021
Where Terra Virtua’s Twitch channel
Time 5:30pm London / 8.30 pm Dubai / 12.30pm New York / 9.30 am LA
Auction 24 hour auction to start straight after live exhibition on Terra Virtua's website
“WTNFT?!” Voice note Art

Art by Amrita Sethi unveils her latest Voice Note Art, called “WTNFT?!” Voice note Art

Amrita will unveil her first 3D 1 of 1 edition “WTNFT?!” Voice Note Art waveform as well as 1 of 1 edition 2D artwork.

The 3D animation edition is by far the most ambitious piece to date, allowing you to flow through and around a visualisation of the verbal phrase. The artwork is interwoven with immersive and symbolic representations of the technology, and symbolism of the NFT and crypto space to date.

The 2D edition will also be available which looks to create a bridge between the physical and virtual worlds. Amrita provides an explanation of the history and evolution of the NFT space, while also celebrating and honouring key pivotal and historical moments for those more familiar with the crypto world.
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