Amrita Sethi creates signature words and phrases to craft unique, one-of-a-kind signature artworks using her SoundBYTE style. These artworks aim to tell new stories, create fresh characters, write innovative narratives, and change the way we see and experience the world today. Blockchain, Web3, AI, NFTs, and the Metaverse are fundamentally reorganizing society and altering the way we perceive and experience art. Amrita is narrating that story and combining art and technology to showcase that change. In doing so, she aims to inspire people to look inward, find their own voice, tell their story, or rewrite it to inspire others. She utilizes different mediums such as physical art, murals, NFTs, and sculptures. Then, she layers on new digital experiences like augmented and virtual reality, as well as AI, to bring these artworks to life and into the next generation.

Unveiling the UAE: Past, Present, and Future

Amrita Sethi has been chosen as one of the 20 exclusive artists for Etihad Airways' 20th Anniversary NFT Art Project 2023- 2024. The theme of the anniversary collection is - Unveiling the UAE: Past, Present, and Future. Amrita has created an artwork titled Emirati Future" AR SoundBYTE which will be featured in an upcoming auction for Etihad's 20th year anniversary as well as celebrating the opening of the new Midfield Terminal of Abu Dhabi International Airport.

"Emirati Future" AR SoundBYTE
1/1 Physical artwork
3D animation NFT digital collectible
by amrita

In "Emirati Future," amrita envisions the future of the Emirates in 2071 through her unique AR SoundBYTES style, celebrating tradition while inspiring a forward gaze. Experience it with augmented reality 3D animation, taking flight through the art as if you are on an Etihad flight.

The physical artwork is 1.5 metres long by 1.2 metres high on gold aluminium with 3D printed embellishment.

In amrita’s signature art style AR SoundBYTEs, she first records the phrase ”Emirati Future” and captures its fluid shape and structure. She then paints each of the lines of the sound wave to match the meaning of the phrase- merging, art, sound and technology- to create the augmented reality Signature SoundBYTE.

Merging the Physical with the Digital
Fly through the art

The NFT digital collectible comes as a 3D animation.

Augment Reality - Scan the QR code in the physical artwork and this will activate the augmented reality. Merging the physical with the digital.

When you activate the augmented reality she wants you to feel as if you are flying through the artwork as if you are on an Etihad Flight, experiencing the artwork in a whole new way- re imaging what the future of art and the future of emirates will look and feel like.

You will have the chance to bid on the 3d animation digital collectible NFT and if you win the auction you will also receive the physical artwork.

The digital artworks will be on display at the new Abu Dhabi Airport - Zayed international Airport and the physical artworks will be on display in Mall of the Emirates, Kempinski Hotel in Dubai.

Fun Fact: The new Abu Dhabi terminal itself played a prominent role in the movie "Mission: Impossible – in the movie

"Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One," with its 315-meter roof being featured in one of the film’s most thrilling action scenes

The Augmented reality and 3D animation features the voice of Dr. Marwan, CEO of the Dubai Blockchain Centre and Strategic adviser to the Department of Economy and Tourism.

“Emirati Future” is part of the SignatureBYTE collection features which has two artworks with augmented reality 3D animation.
The first artwork titled "WTNFT!?" from this collection sold for 102,000 USD in 2021

First time Voice Note Art is going 3D! Off the page, and through new dimensions allowing you to flow like sound through and around the phrase "WTNFT?!". Showcasing dynamic art as being one of the new creative advantages of NFT's, it allows the viewer to experience the art through a deeper multisensory way. The artwork is interwoven with immersive and symbolic representations of the technology, and symbolism of the NFT and crypto space to date.