Amrita Sethi - NFT Artist

Amrita is an award-winning, golden visa holder and the first NFT artist in the UAE. After a successful career, spanning 15+ years, in some of the world’s largest multinational financial companies, Amrita left the corporate world for a deeper calling, which led to the creation of a new multimedia art form, called “Voice Note Art”©️- now called “SoundBYTE”.

SoundBYTEs merge sound, technology and story telling with NFT’s giving her a perfect platform to showcase her dynamic art form. The unique idea led to her recognition and coverage with Forbes, CNN, BBC World news to winning awards, selected for Expo 2020 and creating live activations and installations in Middle East Asia and Europe. Amrita NFT’s have sold worldwide for under half a million USD and she regularly bridges the gap between physical arts and digital art. Amrita became the first NFT artist in the UAE. In 2021 she received the prestigious Golden Visa Residency in Dubai for for her contribution to the Digital Art Market in the UAE. She has recently painted and created The World’s first Sound Augmented Reality NFT Mural at the DIFC Innovation Hub

Born and raised in Kenya, a British citizen of Indian origin, residing through Switzerland, Zimbabwe, Uganda, and the United Kingdom, before moving to Dubai in 2007 - Amrita’s art reflects her international diversity and combines the sweetness of tradition and storytelling with the energy and technology of the modern world.

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