DIFC Exhibition

"The Future of Art” with Commercial Bank of Dubai: An Exhibition at DIFC Gate Avenue

SoundBYTE Art©️

A word is worth a 1,000 pictures

In her signature style of SoundBYTE Art©️ (VNA), Amrita first records a voice note, in this case saying the word “ Dubai” and captures its fluid shape and structure of the sound wave. Then she hands draws each vertical line into individual images that encapsulates the beauty, spirit and essence of “Dubai”: combining art, sound, technology and dynamic story telling

”Dubai” Portrait Series- Year of the 50th Exhibition

Each year since 2019 Amrita has created a new art piece to capture the story of the city of Dubai - the ever- changing city of the future, rooted in it’s Bedouin culture and history. She uses different physical materials from wood to aluminium and each piece also comes as an NFT. In 2021 to celebrate the UAE turning 50, she has created her “Dubai” VNA Gold 50th Year which comes to life through Augmented Reality(AR) by scanning the QR code embedded in the artwork. For the Dubai 2019 and Dubai 2020 to activate the AR, please scan the QR code on the side. Commercial Bank of Dubai (‘CBD’) commissioned Amrita to create a limited, special edition of the "Dubai" Voice note Art to celebrate the 50th anniversary. Each edition comes with both a physical piece as well as an NFT digital twin. The artwork title “This is the Future of Art” showcases this limited edition through the dynamic dimensions of AR. Scan the QR code and observe how the real world meets the digital world.

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