Expo 2020

"My Urban Freej” at Expo 2020 - The World’s Greatest Show 

I am honoured and excited to be on of the top 10 International and Local artists for Expo 2020’s Flagship Community Art project- called “My Urban Freej”.

Merging the contemporary connotations of "urban" with the traditional ones of "freej" (which means neighbourhood in colloquial Gulf Arabic, "My Urban Freej” will be transforming the UAE into a large art canvas for the community. 

A series of 30 installations will transform the landscape of the UAE into a public art space, where you will then be invited on the UAE’s largest Art Hunt to find them.

With all roads leading to All roads lead to The World's Greatest Show. As an incredible grand culmination to My Urban Freej, the final masterpieces will be displayed on the world's largest indoor projection screen in Al Wasl Plaza for millions of visitors to experience art in a truly memorable way

Amrita Sethi at Expo 2020

Join me on this exciting art journey to create something the world has never seen before.

I will be hosting 3 workshops
Taking on 5 mentees
Together we will build 3 art installations

Tentative dates for a workshop with Amrita Sethi

Workshop1 -Sat 7th March 10am - 5 pm - Dubai (Venue TBC)
Workshop 2- Sat 28th March 10am - 5 pm - Dubai (Venue TBC)
Workshop 3 - Sat 4th April 10 am- 5 pm -Dubai (Venue TBC)

Details of workshops

Each workshop we will creating different Voice note Art(c) creations related to a word

Workshop1- “EXPO2020” Voice note Art(c)
Workshop 2- “Sustainability” Voice note Art(c)
Workshop 3 - “Opportunity” Voice note Art(c)

All workshops are free to attend

Please contact me on contact@artbyamrita.com to register your interest as well the workshop you would like to attend.