Art by Amrita’s launch of her Digital Art Collection with Terra Virtua

Posted by Amrita Sethi on

Terra Virtua is a digital eco system that allows people to share, trade and collect 2D and 3D digital assets such as art, NFT’s and other collectibles, in both VR and AR.

You can glance through Amrita’s whole collection in the 3D Terra Art Gallery. Once you purchase your digital art piece you can store, display, interact and show off your collection in the 3D Fancave.

Purchasing your digital art through blockchain technology allows for ownership authentication, protection and proof of provenance, preserving and enhancing the value of your portfolio.

Art by Amrita has launched her first 2D artwork as well it’s 2D Animation with audio art piece, which you can watch in VR and AR for a deeper sensory experience!

Welcome to the future of digital art 

TERRA VIRTUA (TVK) | A 2D & 3D animated NFT ecosystem

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